Unreal Engine / 3D Animation 

Bosch XC Portfolio

Our client Bosch approached oddity to create an application
representing their work in driving automation. 

With the help of Unreal Engine we not only created the app,
but also 
5 short films as an introduction for different areas of it.


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1 - The challenge

At the end of October 2021 our task became clear -  5 short movies and a content framework for Text, Video and Images - until christmas. Already sounded a bit ambitioned. 

We started creating a concept App-Flow and ran some first tests.

2 - Creating a city & transitioning from there

The briefing mentioned transitioning from an "experiencing technology" to an "explaining technology context". To achieve that, Markus, the producer of the project and I wanted to create a transformation between the two worlds that is visually remarkable. 

Our artist Wassili Busel then created this visual crazyness with us - here are some transition examples that didn't make the cut. 

3 - Development

Creating a cinematic Project with artists of mostly game development background in a short amount of time was a big challenge at first. 

The one challenge was getting the engine to do the cinematics we wanted to, understanding the sequencer pipeline and the limitations we had.

The second was to actually create decent cinematography, as the classic separation of 3D-Artist, Cutter, Color Correction and so on just fuses into one Person when working with Unreal. 

So every Unreal Artist had to be all of that. 
The Camera-movement, composition, cutting, even the Icons and supposedly 2D-Objects you can see are done fully in-Engine. 

Supervising became more and more fun throughout the project witnessing the incredible learning curves of everyone. 

It was a giant leap from our first animatics to what you can see here and I'm beyond proud of everyone involved in creating this.  

4 - Technical Shenanigans

It was incredibly helpful that the results could be seen in real-time. The iteration circles we're really short, as a re-rendering of a full 2-minute-Sequence in 4k only took about an hour. 

There are also limitations though, as some Animations had to be done via Blueprint and couldn't be seen out of PIE. 

Here you can see an example of  the implementation of those Videos in the final application with the final transition shot. 

More technical details may follow on oddlyspecific. 

5 - Credits


Markus Ederer

Producer/PM Support:
Marie Schwarz

Markus Ederer
Pascal Santaella

Framework Programming:
Pascal Santaella
Michael Spring
ebastian Wilhelm

3D Artists:
Wassili Busel
Hannes Grasnick
Simon Hagemann
Pascal Santaella 
Michael Spring
Anton Zalko

Animation Supervising:
Pascal Santaella

Animation Consulting:
Torben Pauschinger

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