Realtime Audio Visualization


in the compositions of neo-Classical pianst Dirk Maassen, nature and life itself play a large part.
For the song "Eclipse", a realtime music visualization should be created.

Lilly Kroschewski and me used the motifs and concepts of an Eclipse to bring Interference to life.


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1 - Casefilm

2 - Stills

3 - Subject

Dirk Maassen wrote his song about an eclipse he saw in his hometown, Ulm.
An eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that takes place when an object in space either comes between us as viewers and a planet (famously sun or moon) or throws a Shadow on a planet, obscuring the earth in some extent.


4 - Transfer

We visually explored the phenomenons of the eclipse, such as the orbits leading to this constellation, overlapping of shapes and the subtle remaining outlines of planets.

5 - Concept & Realization

To merge our experimental approaches into one appealing visual, we created a framework where we could fit the visuals into.

Therefore, we acheived the shapeshifting between outlines and 3D shapes without disturbing the flow.

In collaboration with Dirk Maassen, the visuals were developed further, and eventually went live at the Sound Of Light Tour 2018/2019 and the Ocean Tour 2019/2020, supervised and projection mapped by Patrick Rosen and me.

6 - Technical Aspects

The Project was realized using Magic Music Visuals, while the data preparation for various effects took Place in After Effects.


7 - Credits

Collaboration with:

Lilly Kroschewski

Music & Support by

Dirk Maassen

Tour Preparation in collab with:

Patrick Rosen

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